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Many years ago, the barber shop was a gathering place in the heart of the community. Beaumont Barber Co. wants to bring that back to Alameda Ridge. We pour our heart and soul into every cut, shave and interaction we have with our clients, and take pride in providing the highest level of grooming to our clientele. Our tagline “Cuts & Shaves & Vibes” is the foundation of every connection we create with our clients, offering a relaxed environment and a place to unwind for the community we serve.

Shop Hours

Monday – Sunday 10am – 7pm

Our Services

Beaumont Barber Co is a barber shop specializing in traditional and modern cuts, beard trims, and straight razor hot towel shaves. Our clients keep coming back for the traditional tonsorial experience – A clean cut, a close shave, a whiskey, beer or coffee, and some great people to spend time with.


Standard Cut– $40
“The name says it all”

Established Cut– $32
“For our 55 and older clients”

Next Generation– $32
“For our 12 and under clients”

Family Cut– $70
“A standard haircut and Next Generation cut”

Head Shave– $45
“We’re taking it ALL OFF! Straight razor, hot towel, warm shaving cream and a splash of after shave”

Shampoo And Head Massage– $8
“Let us help you get that hair cleaned and styled”


Beard Trim- $22
“Tame the man! Carefully groom and trim to your specifications”

Deluxe Beard Package- $45
“A Beard Trim plus a line-up using a straight razor”

Full Face Shave- $55
“Facial for a man with a razor! We use a series of hot towels, pre-shave gel, and hot lather, finished off with a crisp cold towel and soothing after shave”


Full Face & Head Shave- $90

Haircut & Shave- $85

Haircut & Beard Trim- $55

Haircut & Deluxe Beard Package- $75


Our attention to detail is part of what sets us apart from other shops, but our customer service and the relationships we build with each and every one of our clients is what makes Beaumont Barber Co truly special. The ability to be pampered while enjoying a complimentary beer, whiskey or coffee, all while receiving an excellent grooming experience and quality conversation is what keeps people coming back to the shop.

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A native of New Brunswick, Canada, I’ve been in Portland since 2008. I’m passionate about barbering and believe that when you love your hair, everything else falls into place. I specialize in bespoke short haircuts, modern shags, fades, and shaves. When I’m not in the shop, you can find me at the coast, watching horror movies or hanging out with my dog, Shep.


From Wilkeson, Washington but Oregon is home. My passion behind barbering comes from the community within the barbershop, and the interactions I get the pleasure of having with every single client in my chair. I truly believe that the only way to do great work, is to love what you do. When I’m not in the shop, I enjoy family time, finding new trails, skiing and snowboarding.


I am an artist that forsook “cubicle life” in the video-game industry to learn a trade that, I felt wouldn’t be automated anytime soon. Inspired by neighborhood barbers from my youth, I opted for a creative career in barbering whereat I could better serve my community, by helping its members “look good and feel good”. Still an artist and a gamer, I am also a horror movie aficionado that enjoys live music shows, impromptu adventures, collecting rare books, reading and illustrating comics, and shopping at thrift stores or hunting for antiques, oddities or curiosities. Black is my happy color, and my familiar is a dog named Beau Diggity. I specialize in short, edgy cuts, fades, and intricate hair designs.

Contact Us

4519 NE Fremont Portland OR United States 97213

(503) 764-9235